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Bishop Ron & Evelyn Bailey

Senior Pastors

Bishop Ron Bailey, Senior Pastor of Triumphant Deliverance Fellowship Ministries in Little Rock, Arkansas, holds the esteemed title of Bishop, having been consecrated by the JCAC, Inc. He is a knowledgeable and anointed Minister, renowned for his ministry’s focus on deep inner healing, deliverance, and teaching fundamental Bible principles that foster spiritual growth and maturity.

Bishop Bailey’s journey began during his teenage years when he pursued Biblical Studies at both the Manhattan Bible Institute and the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ Bible Institute in New York City. Throughout his service in the local church, he fulfilled various roles, including Minister of Music, Youth Council President, and Junior Pastor. With over 30 years of pastoral experience, he has faithfully served congregations in Reno, Nevada, and Little Rock, Arkansas. Bishop Bailey deeply cherishes his beautiful wife, Pastor Evelyn Bailey, acknowledging that he is incomplete without her.

Pastor Evelyn, as the co-pastor of Triumphant Deliverance Fellowship Ministries, wields a quiet yet powerful influence in both ministry and music. Her melodious voice leads the Triumphant Singers in praise. Additionally, she spearheads the Woman’s Triumphant Ministry and plays a pivotal role in organizing various ministries within the church. Drawing wisdom from her educational background and the Word of God, she also excels as an insightful business leader.

Together, Bishop Ron and Pastor Evelyn form a beautiful family. Their commitment to supporting one another and dedicating time to ministry is a God-given requirement. They share their love with their beautiful daughters, grandchildren, and God children. Above all, their selfless dedication to answering God’s call resonates deeply with the congregation at Triumphant Deliverance Fellowship, reminding us that we are truly loved by God and our pastors. 🙏❤️