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Pastor Evelyn Bailey

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As the wife of Ronald Bailey, she co-pastors Triumphant Deliverance Fellowship Ministries.  As a Minister of the Gospel, Pastor Evelyn has a quiet and strong influence in both ministry and music.

She is a songstress which she lends her voice as the praise leader of the triumphant singers.  Pastor Evelyn Bailey also serves as the leader of the Woman’s Triumphant Ministry. As an insightful business leader, she draws heavily from the word of God and her educational background; she has a Bachelors of Science in Math and a Masters of Business Administration Degree.  She is instrumental in the organization of the many ministries within Triumphant Deliverance Fellowship.   

Triumphant Deliverance Fellowship Ministries attribute Mrs. Bailey's wisdom, patience and kindness and leadership to the emphasis she places on having a close personal relationship with God and family an asset to the body of Christ. The Bailey family experienced a great loss that through this she, husband and family continue to display that you must serve God and trust the Lord and lean not to your own understanding even when you do not understand.  It is a blessing to the members at Triumphant Deliverance to see the family continuing to love the Lord and love us.   

Above all her accomplishments, she considers supporting her husband in ministry and raising their beautiful granddaughter in ministry a requirement of the Lord.  They have  beautiful children, grandchildren and God children which she loves dearly.  As a Pastor, Mother and Grandmother she firmly believes that “Where the spirit of Lord is there is Liberty”

   September 2019   
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